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FunSuper - Video Brochure Specialists
FunSuper - Video Brochure Specialists

About FunSuper

FunSuper is the brand name owned by Fun Technology Ltd given to our range of video marketing solutions, these include video brochures, video folders, video signage and point of sale video displays. Over time we anticipate our devices will become more sophisticated utilizing WiFi technology to update the screens in real-time accompanied by basic messaging technology.

FunSuper Video Brochures

Unlike other forms of video marketing, Video Brochures operate independently of wires, internet access, software downloads and installation procedures, all of which can ruin the experience of the recipient. With video brochures, all the recipient has to do to begin their very own full multi-media presentation is open the magnetised book cover of the device.

Our Team

Fully dedicated, 350 person in-house team from across the globe including creative, producers, cameramen, editors, sound engineer and admin support, enabling us to meet our clients’ needs for all projects completely in-house, from conception to completion.



Managing Director

Mr Samuel with over 10 years of managerial experience is responsible for all strategic, operational and performance matters pertaining to the FunSuper business.



Account Manager

Ms Fiona is responsible for developing long-term relationships with a portfolio of FunSuper clients, connecting with key business executives and stakeholders.



Brand Manager

Ms Carrie is responsible for developing, planing and implementing marketing activities to increase the value of FunSuper brands, including advertising, consumer behavior, etc.



Product Manager

Develop FunSuper products by identifying potential products; conducting market research; generating product requirements; determining specifications, etc.



Sales Manager

Ms Sophia is responsible for driving sales directly and through a small team of sales representatives to establish a robust link between corporate and dealers in the world.



Sales Assistant

Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent sales service. Maintain outstanding store condition and visual merchandising standards,etc.

We are always ready to help you.

We have a complete design and engineering team to help you with your special project. Contact us for more information. Samples can be provided as per your demand.